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The Royal Touch Zoe Nichols

The Royal Touch

Zoe Nichols

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

There is a serious lack of GOOD Fem-dom books out there. Even rarer is a female dominant of color. Zoe Nichols batted two for two with The Royal Touch. Unfortunately she struck out with the execution. For one thing, I never quite figured out what the main characters real name was (since it was written in first person and she was either called Babe or Nefertiti because she was dressed as an Egyptian queen). Two, there was an intense caning session, but the aftercare aspect was left out (a total no-no). Three, anal sex without lube? NO (unless were talking non-con, which this wasnt). Four, the author did a pretty vague job of describing the characters. Im not expecting the her skin was the color of toffee/mocha/chocolate/almonds/caramel/etc. that seems to be de rigeur in interracial romances these days, but a little more detail than just brown-skin would have helped. Okay, so theres a black woman on the cover...still. Not just the lead character, but none of the characters were fully fleshed out. Just because a book is short is no reason to skimp on the important details.With all that, I really wish this could have been a longer book. Im interested in the main character and how she came to find a young man like her lover, Zane, who was into BDSM.