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Extinguished (Butt Busters Series Book 1) Zee Angle

Extinguished (Butt Busters Series Book 1)

Zee Angle

Published December 18th 2013
Kindle Edition
325 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

EXTINGUISHED is like an avalanche……it’s the crack in the snow that often goes unnoticed……then it’s too late.EXTINGUISHED is a masterfully executed plot-driven story that if you were to judge it by the sample pages would be like trying to judge the effects of an avalanche by the first crack in the snow. It is born from a mind steeped in mysteries. It is a head-scratching, up-until-all-hours-of-the-night mystery geared to tantalize your senses and your intellect with each new chapter as the crack in the snow widens. And like an avalanche, EXTINGUISHED builds with each chapter until it encompasses communities who, unbeknownst to them, find their lives intersecting in ways they never anticipated.EXTINGUISHED will grab your heart and your intellect and you’ll find yourself rallying around the characters as it draws to a conclusion.So, don’t be left out in the cold!Get your copy today.EXTINGUISHED (back cover):When Butt Busters Women’s Fitness Center owner, Stephanie Rharden, is discovered to have connections to a recent murder, Ketchum County’s newest transplant is put on the case. An ex-California bodybuilder, Detective Taylor Sharkey brings to life all the bodybuilder magazines Stephanie drooled over in her youth and proves to be an exciting distraction, plus a welcome buffer, when she faces off with the arrogant Graydon Masterton who has pestered her with unsolicited offers to buy out her thriving business. But lies and deceptions run deep in the little town of Gulch Ridge, Wisconsin, and prove harder to exhume than a corpse. Just when the Ketchum County Sheriff’s Department appears to be at the top of its game and has zeroed in on the suspect, someone ups the ante. Suddenly, Ketchum County’s finest are scrambling against time with all of their resources...for not even they could have predicted what would happen next.